“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot

"Got a nagging feeling that your life could be more fulfilling? Want to change direction but aren't sure how to do it? Here's how to jump start your new life today ... Hire a personal coach." - Modern Maturity Magazine

"Coaches… can identify missing skills or style difficulties and offer pragmatic tips…” The Wall Street Journal
I can help you realize the following goals & ambitions:
  • Establish & Maintain Positive Relationships
  • Improve Communication and Social Skills
  • Renew Excitement in Personal Relationships
  • Enhance Parenting Skills
  • Manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Become More Assertive
  • Improve Work - Life Balance
  • Experience Greater Career Mobility and Success.
My LifeSkills Coaching helps people to refine their vision of the future by developing well-defined goals, establishing new ways of thinking, and learning new skills for accomplishing their goals. I then continue to provide support to maintain the motivation to persist and succeed.

Many Coaches are not Licensed Therapists and therefore do not possess the experience gained from Practicing Psychotherapy. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), who has been providing Therapy for twenty years, I am able to encorporate my expertise and skills as a therapist into the Coaching that I provide.
In many instances I combine Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with the use of a specific LifeSkills set tailored to the individual and their specific goal(s). This is a powerful combination that can help people more easily and more quickly attain their desired goals.
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) is significant because recognizes that how we think affects what we do and how we do it, when we act in various situations.
CBC is also quite useful for helping people identify and change unproductive thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so they can begin thinking in ways that are more realistic, positive and effective. I also often integrate CBC with additional techniques such as mindful meditation as an example.
My background can be especially helpful for you. I am a licensed clinical therapist with extensive Cognitive Behavioral training and years of practical therapy and coaching experience. I have also taught at the graduate level and hold a Master of Social Work degree along with post graduate education.

We initially discuss your situation and what you want to accomplish. We then develop and agree on an action plan for how to best achieve your goal(s).
As we start working together we can identify self-limiting thoughts, mind sets, or habits that could impact goal achievement. These would be addressed within the LifeSkills set that I show you that best fits you and utilizes your specific strengths for attaining your specific goal(s).
I stay with you to show you how to effectively use that skill set. Then, together we monitor your progress while using these skills and I offer feedback to help optimize your progress towards your goal(s).
The duration of the overall process depends on the actual goal or combination of goals you seek as well as using the LifeSkills that were provided.
I do not require a contractual commitment to any specific time frame. In some cases the outcome begins to result in a few weeks; other situations may take longer. It depends on what you specifically want to accomplish and the pace at which you can proceed.

Please feel free to contact me for:
• Answers to questions you may have, or
• To set an appointment.