“My experience with Mary Kane has been reviving and comforting I have been seeing her for Therapy/Life Counseling for over two months and felt results within the first few weeks. In the past, I have seen psychologists and counselors that I did not feel helped me with my problems. I am so much more comfortable and happy with seeing Mary. She is a great listener, non-judgmental and I trust in all the advice she gives me . I always leave her sessions feeling confident in anything I want to achieve, whether it is a short term decision for that day, or the beginning of a long term accomplishment. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as I cannot imagine being more comfortable or finding anyone else that could be more helpful.” ……… Victoria

“For someone like myself, being completely open about personal problems has always been a monumental obstacle to overcome. Being comfortable enough to express complete honesty with another person is one of my largest inhibition s. As a result, even I was surprised by how quickly Ms. Kane was able to cr eate an environment within our sessions that was so comforting that many of my inhibitions melted away within a few weeks. My experience of suffering with s evere ADD, fluctuating depression, and crippling grief have all been alleviated greatly by Ms. Kane’s work, and I am highly grateful for it.” … ….. Tho mas

“I enjoy talking and expressing my feelings to Mary Kane. She takes the time to listen and gives me good advice. I feel less stress and more motivated after my session”. ……….. Toni

“I have been working with Mary for over six months now and through our sessions I have seen vast improvements in my overall well being . I have learned skills on how to manage my anxiety and I have been able to work through difficult situations with her by using the techinques I learned to better handle my thoughts and emotions. My experience with Mary has been nothing but positive and I am evidently more fulfilled in my life since we began working.” ….… Caroline

“Our family has been working with Mary for about a year. We have applied all of her techniques within the household and have a new family dynamic . We are all able to manage our stress levels and anxiety with the simple tools we have practiced. Mary Kane has been a constant in rebuilding our family into what we are now.” ……Jan

“Mary Kane is a smart, sensitive, and thoughtful therapist. She’s patient and insightful and very easy to talk to. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.” ........ Frank

“I’ve been seeing Mary for almost a year. She has gotten me through some of the worst points in my life this past year. I can say these were by far the lowest in my life. Mary was the first person who actually listened to my perspective on life, including my marriage. Not only did she listen but she understood it as well. Not many people in my life have seen my side of things. She helped me put my life and marriage into perspective which helped me find myself in many ways. I always felt very lifted after our sessions. There have been times where I couldn’t wait to talk to her just to get her take on things. Mary, I thank you so much for helping my marriage and I. You helped me find myself and happiness , and for that I will be forever grateful.” ………… Bindi

"My wife and I have been attending sessions with Mary for the better part of a year. Mary has done a great job helping us balance our marital relationship with the problems we have in conceiving children. Throughout she has provided constructive advice as well as strategies for coping with the stress of everyday life. We have managed to focus on the present without worrying about the future. Life will always have ups and downs. However, with a skilled guide like Mary, there is once again time to stop and smell the roses" …………… S&S