Therapy's purpose is to help you move from the effects of negative experiences and emotions to a more joyful and positive position in your life.
I am here to help as a licensed therapist when persistent troubles or nagging concerns impact happiness, personal or professional relationships, family harmony, job performance, or the ability to adequately function or grow.

In therapy I deal with causes in order to prevent recurring difficulties, instead of just addressing surface symptoms for only temporary relief.

Merely addressing surface symptoms doesn't necessarily prevent further problems if underlying issues haven't been addressed.
Although I am trained and experienced in multiple techniques, I have found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be useful in most strategies, either alone or as an additional component. The actual strategy I use depends on a person’s specific needs and goals.

Depending on the specific situation, I integrate CBT with additional techniques such as mindful meditation and relaxation therapy.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy emphasizes that what people think also affects how they feel and how they act or react in various situations. It helps people recognize that they can benefit from questioning their automatic thought responses. For example: “What am I doing? Why am I doing it? How does that help, or block me, from achieving my desired outcome? “
CBT is shorter than some other therapeutic approaches. The time span involved, and how often people come, varies depending on their specific concern(s) and what they want to accomplish.

I recommend that most people come at least weekly in the beginning. I work with people at a pace that is comfortable for them and what is best for their situation. Once significant symptom relief, or a steady progression with identified goals is achieved, sessions can occur less frequently. When goal attainment is achieved, sessions can be scheduled as needed.


An initial discussion to identify what you want to accomplish would occur in the first session. I can also offer some temporary relief while we collaboratively identify the causes that are blocking your happiness and satisfaction.

Then, during subsequent sessions, we mutually develop a plan for dealing with these issues and move ahead towards achieving the identified goals. For that I offer a specific LifeSkills set that uses your inner strengths and capabilities for dealing with the identified problem. I also show you how to effectively use these skills.

Together we will monitor progress towards achieving your goals and develop a plan to maintain a positive trajectory, to ensure a steady progression toward goal achievement.

The purpose is to empower you to confidently leave therapy better able to handle challenges in a sustainable manner and continue making progress towards a more satisfying future.

Please feel free to contact me for:
• Answers to questions you may have, or
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