• Frustrated and Misunderstood, or
  • Like You’re Becoming More Like Roommates, than Lovers, or
  • Having the Same Old Arguments that reach the Same Old Dead-Ends?


Most people in close relationships and marriages experience periods of difficulty. I can help you to learn how to manage the difficult times and keep the relationship growing well.

Most difficulties can be overcome if the couple is willing to work at restoring a loving and satisfying relationship.
They simply need help with identifying their real problems, and then learning how to deal with them.
I help couples to develop their plan for moving ahead and teach them specific LifeSkills to utilize for dealing with their challenges.

With continued monitoring, the couple's progress will be kept on track until they reach the point when they can successfully continue on their own to experience a more joyful and loving relationship.

I have helped couples in a number of ways including:
• Finding Relief from Anxieties and Depression
• Managing Stress and Overcoming Emotional Issues
• Rebuilding Trust and Reconnecting
• Improving Communication and Intimacy

• Turning Disagreements into Opportunities for Growth
• Cooperatively Working Through Problems as a Team
• R econnecting with the Love They Share
• Rekindling the Sparks
• Improving Relationships with Families
• Balancing Home and Career Demands

I meet with the couple as a unit, but may occasionally work on an alternating couple / individual basis. If one partner doesn’t participate, the other can still get constructive advice and skills for improving the relationship.

Is your relationship losing its vibrancy and becoming routine? That easily happens as people become increasingly absorbed in their daily activities and responsibilities, and drift into a pattern of routine in their relationship.
Often people in successful relationships or marriages, though not experiencing difficulties, would like to avoid serious problems and enliven their relationship.
I help them sharpen their existing skills and learn new LifeSkills for achieving their goal of enhancing their relationship.
A married couple I helped recently remarked that their relationship again feels as exciting as when they were dating.

Couples start with a commitment to creating a successful relationship. Many have unrealistic expectations and 40%-50% of marriages end up in divorce. Most of those disappointments can be prevented.
I offer Premarital Counseling to help avoid marital difficulties. It includes input about dealing with various aspects of typically predictable issues and considerations regarding relationships.
Some examples would include: dealing with job loss, financial problems, career change or a new baby; establishing clear and honest communication, expressing one’s needs while understanding needs of the other, successfully navigating disagreements, and managing stress and life balance.
I also show the couple applicable LifeSkills so they can more effectively develop a satisfying and stronger relationship.

Please feel free to contact me for:
• Answers to questions you may have, or
• To set an appointment .