Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

If you feel that you need a new approach to meeting that special someone to form a meaningful relationship with, relationship Coaching from a Life Skills Coach can help to revise & revitalize your approach.

Social Networking Coaching

If you feel like you've been stuck in a rut and would like to meet new & interesting people to form friendships or relationships with but haven't been successful with previous attempts at accomplishing this and are unsure of how to proceed, Social Networking advice from a Life Skills Coach can help.

A consultation in the form of a casual conversation in a coffee shop can take place as a first step in gaining valuable insights to help you to achieve your Social Networking & Relationship goals.

Coaching for Dating

Dating can be difficult!

Wouldn't it be nice to bounce ideas off a Professional Counselor & Coach to see if you're going about dating in the most effective way?

Advise from a Life Skills Coach can be beneficial.

Bring a friend to join in a lively discussion to develop some new insights and a new approach that can make your dating experiences even better.

Contact Mary Kane to learn more about any of these types of Relationship Coaching or to schedule a time to meet.