Professional Career

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process
to draw out .. skills or talent ... previously hidden within an
individual.. ." -
John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-DavidsonEurope Ltd.
“……. . Workers at all levels of the corporate ladder are enlisting coaches for guidance on how to improve …… " - TIME Business News
“ ……. . success is all about growing yourself …” - Jack Welch former GE Chairman & CEO

Every organization values quicker and better results and every business needs people with solid skills who can enhance the organization.
Business owners, executives and managers favor high-performance employees who lighten their workload.
Adding value beyond industry-specific job proficiency differentiates people for retention, promotions, raises and bonuses. It begins with basic self-awareness.

There are techniques that can be learned & utilized to improve your resourcefulness to plan, organize, prioritize, and resolve difficulties in order to "get the job done".
The better people understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they think, feel and act, the quicker they can overcome these obstacles toward working more effectively with executives, managers, employees, co-workers, customers and clients.

LifeSkills contribute to your overall quality of life. Personalized LifeSkills that I show people are transferable:
  • Within an Existing Organization at any level,
  • To any Future Position in any other organization and
  • Into one’s Personal Life as well.


The role of a college or university is typically viewed as preparing people for careers, but they generally don’t address developing the necessary value added LifeSkills that organizations seek.

LifeSkills sought include:

  • Emotional Intelligence, Strength, and Courage
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Taking Initiative
  • Adaptability
  • Being a Team Player
  • Positive Attitude
  • Dependability
  • Ability To Get Along With And Motivate People
  • Leadership Skills

The approach I use is described on the Coaching page. I am experienced in helping people develop deeper self awareness and improve their interpersonal skills, and more as indicated below.
I offer confidential individual coaching to help you achieve your objectives using personalized LifeSkills. I have provided assistance to attorneys, information technology specialists, doctors, managers, C-level executives and more.

Career- enhancing areas in which I assist include:
  • Manage stress and overcome anxieties for better performance
  • Increase self awareness
  • Optimize personal strengths; discover and overcome weak points
  • Refine interpersonal skills
  • Improve ability to develop and manage relationships
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enhance conflict resolution skills
  • Increase adaptability and flexibility for handling challenges
  • Improve ability to encourage collaboration and teamwor k
  • Conduct more effective meetings
  • Obtain better feedback
  • Improve time management and productivity
  • Develop l eadership skills
  • Better balance work-life integration


As a career is the primary lifelong source of income for most people and their main financial asset, LifeSkills Professional and Career Coaching is a sound investment in one's future.

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